Welcome everyone, to HellstormWargaming.co.uk .
You may know already know this, but I'm Mikey - Supreme Overlord, and most hated member of Hellstorm Wargaming.
Hellstorm was started as an off-shoot of a previous commission painting service I once tried to provide (it went badly). However I built a small following on Facebook and Instagram. Battle Reports was something I've always been interested in since watching the 'Old-Ones' of the Wargaming YouTube market. I've always had the urge but never the motivation - however i then found a very small but amazing community of Wargamers on Twitch.tv, which is originally were we first started Hellstorm as a Channel.

Since then we've found our natural home on YouTube, where memes and my crazy editing style can really come to life.

Currently I edit every video that we currently produce, but the channel wouldn't be where it is without the Team behind it. (Don't tell them I said that)

I first got into the hobby when i was 11-12 with the release of the first Dawn of War video game, and I haven't been able to leave since. The love for the Blood Ravens started there, as infamous as they may be (I don't exact help with Redbootay) they are my all time favourite part of the 40K universe. 

Thank you for checking out the website. We hope it distracts you from the real-world for just a short while.