Hellstorm Neoprene Objective Set (choice of colour)

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As seen on Hellstorm’s YouTube Channel -? Our new Neoprene objective markers are now available for you!

These 7.5″ Neoprene discs are used instead of the traditional “token” as they’re clearer and easier to use -? and since they’re a Mousemat material, they don’t slide/move!

With a choice of colours available, these discs have a colour of markers on them, a centre dot a 40mm diameter circle, as well as a 6″ diameter circle. So if you need to measure 3″ from the centre of an objective, you have the centre point and the larger dotted circle, where as in ITC and other missions where you measure “from the edge of the objective” – you have a 40mm objective represented, and then the edge of the mat is exactly 3″ from the edge of the 40mm circle!


Numbered 1-6 for your convenience!

These are super easy to follow and prevent arguments at the table as its easy to see who has claimed it and who hasn’t!


Colours may vary slightly
These objectives are hand crafted so they may vary slightly

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Light Grey, Dark Grey


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