“GLADIUS” Into the Hellstorm Tournament – 27th/28th November 2021

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The next event in our #IntoTheHellstorm Series, we present – GLADIUS
Following on from our very successful Bolter and Chainsword, and also the RIP N TEAR event –  get ready for an all out clash!

We are hoping to run without any social distancing rules in place, but for now – as long as some rules and instructions are followed, we are wanting to promote a safe environment for everyone who attends!

The PREVIOUS Rulespack can be found here:

Please read this before purchasing a Ticket

Safety Rules and Regulations:

The following rules are laid out for everyone’s safety, whether that’s yourself, other
players, the Event Organisers or the Sanctuary Staff.
Any breach of the following rules can lead to instant dismissal of the event, without
recalls for refund etc.

Face Masks/Coverings:

During your attendance of the event, and on the premises of Sanctuary Gaming Centre,
Face Masks/coverings will be mandatory at all times in the gaming area. Face Masks won’t
be provided as it is a legal requirement to wear a mask to enter any store in the U.K. as
of 26th July 2020.

Hand Gel, Hand Washing, and Hygiene:

Personal hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus, we recommend
players wash their hands on arrival, and throughout the day. Alcohol Hand Gel will be
readily available near every table and players will be reminded to use it throughout the
day. We recommend using Hand Gel whenever entering or leaving the building, before
moving tables, after eating and after using the bathroom.

Social Distancing:

We’ve limited the amount of tables we will use in the venue to be able to respect social
distancing. All players will have adequate space between tables but will need to respect
the 1m+ Rule whilst playing – so please refrain from touching any models other than your
own, use only your own dice, tape measure and accessories, and keep your belongings
closeby in arms reach. Try to avoid gathering in large groups close together, and do not
share food/drinks.

Track and Trace:

As part of your ticket purchase, we will take personal details to assist in the NHS Track
and Trace, whilst following GDPR rules. If you are contacted by NHS Track and Trace
within 14 days of attending the event, you must inform the Hellstorm Team as soon as


If you develop symptoms before the event, during the event, or after the event – you
must contact the Hellstorm Team as soon as possible.
If a player develops symptoms during the event, the event will be cancelled and the
players will be advised to self isolate immediately.


All attendees will have the option of joining a closed Whatsapp group with the Lead
Tournament Organiser (T.O) Mikey and the other players, to be able to discuss any of the
above, and have a direct contact to ask more direct questions to the T.O.


Although we are taking as many measures as possible to both keep you
safe and well, whilst being able to enjoy a full day of Warhammer: we
cannot guarantee that you will not be infected with CoronaVirus by
attending this event. Hellstorm Wargaming LTD and Sanctuary Gaming
Centre and Coffee Shop cannot take any responsibility for illness,
injury or loss of earnings caused by COVID19 related issues or

By purchasing a ticket for this event, you agree and understand this
note to be the case, and you take this responsibility into your own

If there are any questions regarding the safety precautions of this event, you are more
than welcome to email us at HellstormWargaming@gmail.com at any time.


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